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Upcoming Work For 2020

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Photo By Chris Risch


2019 was a busy year with over 2 dozen new designs being worked through, a gallery renovation, and a lot of visitors to the studio to make pumpkins and ornaments. It was a blast!

2020 promises to be just as creative with a host of new work that will be designed. So what is on deck? Right now I am taking a break from production and classes in order to do some repair work in the studio as well as to build a new piece of equipment, a miniature reheating furnace. This will be a great new addition to the studio since this furnace will be the most fuel efficient model to date. That makes the boss happy and if he is happy, I am happy too! (winks)

I will be working on developing some designs for cast glass later in the year. I will be outfitting an older ceramic kiln gifted to me by a friend with new heating elements to turn it into a casting kiln for new glass creations. I already have a design I am eager to get started on, which is a larger than life feather cast entirely out of glass that will be used as a wall hanging. After that, I have some ideas for some angelic wings that I think should look pretty great, but I have to work through some technical issues before I decide on exactly what these wings will look like. Both pieces will deal with the idea of the presence of the divine and the angelic.

I am in the process of ordering new glass color for a line of work that has its roots back in 1999 and is called the Fiamma Series. These are contemporary works in jet black with dichroic glass. I will begin with a series of bowls that will be made available through the studio gallery and will be available online as a studio limited release. I expect these pieces to be available by early Spring.

New ornament designs will continue to be worked out through the year in anticipation for the Fall season. I hope also to offer a class on making your own blown glass bowl. As soon as the bugs are worked out on that, it will be included in our roster of classes on our website at

Speaking of the website, I will be adding a new booking calendar in the hopes that this one will be a better and more compatible solution with our site as well as our users mobile devices.  I appreciate your patience as we thrashed through what turned out to be a pretty awful booking calendar!  The sheer number of people who persevered in spite of it shows just how popular glass is.  We love glass, that is obvious, but we are very glad that so many people in our area do, too!

I will be adding custom sourced boxes for our most popular items as well as labels of our logo that will go on them to give our work a more professional look. I will be busy making new story cards for ornaments as well as our other blown glass work. These will help provide our customers with a better presentation when giving our work as gifts. These will make our Christmas trees look breathtaking as a gift once the holiday season rolls around again.  I know that we just got through Christmas, but we prepare for Fall months in advance!

The studio will be closed for the month of January and will be open to the public the second week of February. Thank you for your patience as I work on the studio and get it ready for the next season!

Happy New Year!


ARTS306-03 Project #1

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These images are of the ARTS306-03 Sculpture class building their first group project using naturally sources materials.


IMG_3238 IMG_3167 IMG_3169 IMG_3171 IMG_3172 IMG_3181 IMG_3175 IMG_3174 IMG_3176 IMG_3178 IMG_3280 IMG_3256 IMG_3282 IMG_3284 IMG_3285 IMG_3308 IMG_3323 IMG_20150920_193657 IMG_3320 There is a video that will be posted that has a slide show of the pics shown here along with video shot during a test firing of the sculpture.  The pics taken during this time are all in the 6-8 meg range.  These pics have been greatly reduced in size. Let me know if you want a high resolution image of any of these. -Parker