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Stafford Artglass is a studio and gallery located In Newport, Virginia.  Stafford Artglass began as Stafford Glass in 1997 in Culpeper, Virginia.  I had completed graduate school and while I had received my M.F.A. in sculpture, I had also been involved in the glass program under Bill Boysen, himself a student of Harvey Littleton, often referred to as the “father” of the studio glass movement in the United States. 


In 2007 I moved to the New River Valley, where I grew up. I renovated the commercial garage into a glass studio for offhand blowing, with a glass finishing area, torch studio, and gallery.


With 3200 square feet, tall ceilings, and an upstairs loft, the new studio is spacious and cooler than the 1,000 square foot studio in Culpeper ever was. With increased electrical capacity at the new location, there is room to expand the number of kilns and furnaces in the future.


The space means room to grow and a lot of exciting possibilities which have included tours, demonstrations, and workshops through the years. I have had the honor of teaching over 135 people at the studio since moving to the new studio, and these students have come from all parts of the U.S. and abroad. I have been able to expose many hundreds more through tours and demonstrations.


To learn more about events happening currently, or to book a class, make sure to visit me on Facebook and like us to stay abreast of new work, workshops, and other events.


Parker Stafford
Stafford Artglass

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