The Inescapable Inscape!

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The Inscape is the result of a discovery I made early in my glass career.  It was part experimentation and part discovery and part  happy mistake.  The glass was cut open to reveal something marvelous inside.  Who knows how many of these I had made with these same beautiful forms that had slipped inside the glass like that.  From that one point of discovery came a welter of ideas.  Inscape Geode, Inscape Egg, Andromeda Geode, Andromeda Egg, the Andromeda Monolith.  It cracked the sky of my world open creatively.  These pieces have been used for corporate jobs, trophies, sold in a catalog, online, and through countless galleries from New England to Seattle, and London England.

So today I honor that discovery with a picture I found of a piece I did about eight years ago that suggested yet another direction with my Inscapes.  The piece, shown below, is a special type of Inscape that I did so it had multiple facets.  It was different from all others like it.  One of a kind.  But here is where new ideas form, build, grow, and inspire.

What will inspire you today?

parker stafford


    • True, that. For as much as I’d like to say that new discoveries are made through sheer force of will, I have observed that the best things have happened when “mistake” has been allowed to filter into the process. For me, letting glass do its thing often supplies enough suggestion in the fluidity of the moment and material to supply fodder for consideration. Consider what Pollock discovered when he accidentally dribbled some paint on the canvas….

  • Amazing! I saw your work years ago in a gallery near D.C. And liked how different your take was with the medium. The attendant there told me a little about you because you had done a show there where you came I think in for a meet and greet. He described you as a sculptor who got involved in glass, the suggestion being you brought a fresh perspective to the field. I think it shows and is one way you can bring new ideas to an ancient medium.

    I bought several pieces – two to give as gifts and one to keep. The one I have is a gallaxy inside what looks like a rock that is cut open, like a geode. I am assuming its all glass?

    Do you have galleries here in D.C. Who carry your work? Or is there an online resource where you sell work?

    • The gallery you are talking about sounds like it might have been Peoples Pottery that was near Fairfax Virginia, perhaps? Its also possible that it was Fire and Ice, another gallery in the same mall who has also carried my work (although I don’t think we ever did a meet the artist or other event with them). Both galleries had multiple locations, so its just a guess. I think Peoples Pottery closed down some stores in the wake of the recession and then more after the collapse of the housing bubble. They were a wonderful resource for artists and had a very good staff, if the store you mention is the same I am thinking of.

      Right now I do not have a gallery close enough to that location, although I have some further afield, about an hour from the D.C. area. There are several ways you can buy work, one is through facebook, my own website with the same address as the name of this blog but with a .com instead of wordpress.com. I also have an account with Etsy, but the galleries currently do not have glass in them. I can send you pics of actual work on hand, which makes shopping even better.

      Great to hear from you and thanks for stopping by. How did you find the blog, btw?

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