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I have spent years studying inspiration as part of being an artist. Very recently I have been hitting upon some correlations with mood, how we feel, as well as brain function, all as part of how we reach these state of inspiration.  Long ago, when I was a student, I was like everyone else in my quest for inspiration.  It was like an elusive thing and most often would come about as a result of a looming deadline.  This epiphany moment that we call inspiration is, I believe, the result of a high functioning state of being that we can experience more often and even in a continual fashion. Most often, though, we are left with the occasional moment of inspiration and are left chasing after those elusive states.  In the book I am writing (it’s mostly written—I am editing at this point), I explain how the experience of enlightenment or awakening is itself a very physiological experience that has every similarity with being inspired.  In one case it comes in a burst, in another it becomes  more of a steady-state presence.

For now, though, I offer you a chuckle with Sam Waterson who was the creator of Calvin and Hobbes.


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