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Sun-Catchers For Spring

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Recently I began expanding my offering of sun-catchers and began showing them to my fans on Facebook. I began by starting with the solid colors first, it seemed the right thing to do.

I hung them in my gallery and took a quick shot of them: “Here are the first of my new line” I quipped to my fans on Facebook. But then my fans began asking me if I would be selling what turned out to be a rainbow color of sun-catchers as a group. I replied, “But of course!” The rest as they say, is history.

But I need to have a little better photos than just a quick one-shot in the gallery, so I took them in to be photographed in the photo studio recently, and then cleaned them up so each piece could be seen clearly without anything else competing with them. I spoke with my web designer about setting these up as a special when they go live on the site, a great price that you just can’t say no to, and perfect for those who have supported me all these years. All but one color is represented, and what is missing is a turquoise globe, partly because I want to use a slightly better color which I don’t have in stock at the moment, but it will be along soon.

These pieces are small ornament-sized sun catchers. That means that they are approximately 3 1/2 inches in diameter. Blown entirely by hand, these are made in the studio here in Newport, Virginia, and will be ready to order online and shipped anywhere in the United States and abroad. I have a video that was recently posted on my Facebook page which you can see if you go back about a week in the feed. You can also just click on “‘videos” and see the videos that have been produced over the last few years to get your dose of glass bliss.

Each piece can be purchased individually, too, but there will be a special price when ordering these lovelies as a group (of seven).

These pieces add a splash of color to a window, and with the many color combinations will allow you to curate your collection as you grow how many that you have. Color combinations within one globe are coming in the following weeks and months. If you would like to know about when these are online and when I will be offering specials on them, head over to my page on Facebook where I share all the good stuff for a growing audience of enthusiastic followers. You wont be disappointed! Just find me there at @staffordartglass

Here’s to a speedy return of Spring!



The Glass Pumpkin Patch


This year’s pumpkinpatch event promises to be the best yet. We have a broad range of colors and sizes to choose from.

Selection will be much greater this year, and part of the display will be outside, making it easier to distance and to take pressure off our customers.

Small paperweight pumpkins start at $26.00 during the sale. This is one of the very best prices for handmade pieces of high quality.

Paperweight pumpkins by Parker Stafford

Blown pumpkins start at $45.00 and goes up to $50.00, $60.00, and $70.00 as my price points for this event.

Pumpkins will be both opaque and transparent. Some will be solid, others will have multiple colors. Since seeing is believing, I will let the pieces speak for themselves.

The event will be at our studio which is located at 8685 Virginia Avenue, Newport, Virginia, 24128. The studio is located in Newport, which is about six miles west of Blacksburg. We are about an hour from the state line between Virginia and West Virginia. You can see our location on our handy map below. You can get all of my vital information from my Facebook business page here:

You can also follow the page if you like what I do and stay abreast of new work, events, drawings (yes I have about one each month there), and other opportunities (coupon codes for the website for one). If that sounds good to you, head on over and get social with the growing community of enthusiasts of all things S.A.G..

If you have questions about our event or our work, you can comment and someone will get back to you soon.

The sales event starts September 25th and continues for a week. Our prices are some of the best for work of this caliber, so when you buy our work you are getting prices that are hard to find elsewhere for handmade in the U.S.A. (and not cheap imports).

I hope to see you there!


A Handy Calculator For Determining Empty Box Weight

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It is helpful if you ship to know the approximate weight of a box for determining overall shipping weights. It’s possible that you don’t want to order every single box size that you might be using for orders in order to weight it. You might own an online business and you might need a fast way to get your total weight prior to putting those values into your website’s shipping calculator. Never fear, the corrugated box calculator is here. Look for the direct link at the end of the post.

When I first used this calculator, my biggest concern was over accuracy. I need the calculation to be as close to real life as possible so I don’t wind up inputting empty box weight along with packaging and product weights only to find I am losing money on each and every order that I send out because I have the weight underestimated. If I underestimate every order by half a pound, the result is I am not making as much as I thought because I am not charging the correct amount for shipping. For me, I want to know each cost as closely as possible. That way, I get to decide how much of that weight I will give to the customer on shipping price at checkout if I want to offer shipping as a freebie, a flat anount, ir some other shipping cost as an incentive to buy. This way, I don’t have to guess. It is also possible that I am including shipping in my price for product to make checkout simpler and faster. This allows me to do that much easier.

The calculator that I found is very close to actual weights. I weighed one of my boxes and then calculated the same box size using the calculator and it was very close to my measured weight. For me this will keep me from having to buy a box for each new size just to weigh to determine overall shipping weight on an order.

The site is a little clunky, but once you get there and familiarize yourself with the calculator, you can calculate all the box sizes that you need in no time.

The link below takes you to skunkworks packaging. You will see a container that looks like it is filled with orange juice. Look closely at the options and select the calculator for boxes.

Once there, skip the first two fields (“blank” fields) and just enter the three dimensions for your box. Tap the “square footage” field which is grey and all fields will self calculate (mobile version). You can recalculate any size by entering new values and tapping the calculated weight field. By doing this, you are given weight in both lbs. and grams.

This calculator will calculate two weights or “gauges” of cardboard. Since this calculator offers calculation of a basic board thickness or weight, this is a great calculator for me. Make sure that you hace the correct type checked (“ECT” type).

If you found this information helpful, click “like” and share the link with your friends. Follow us for more helpful tips on shipping, online business, and the beautiful glass that we sell.